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A Highly-Efficient Alternative to Precrushers

for Wood Recycling, Pallet Disposal, Wood Waste, Scrap Wood

Looking to cut costs? Every year, companies in the United States and Canada spend huge sums of money on waste hauling companies and inefficient trash compaction services. Save money instead by investing in ROPAX™, the most efficient alternative to inefficient, large precrushers. Epax Systems, Inc., is proud to bring this cost-saving solution to businesses nationwide.

The main cause of expensive garbage removal is the fact that, even when a dumpster looks full, only 20% of its space is actually taken up by trash. The other 80% is air. When combined with a thoughtful waste reduction program, compacting the waste in your dumpsters increases how much trash can be held in the container, reducing the number of waste hauls from your site and the associated costs.

However, traditional trash compactors designed for large bins are not as effective as they could be. As a result, since most waste removal companies charge on a per-haul basis, your business could still be spending thousands of dollars more than necessary.

As the top choice for industrial compactors, the ROPAX jumbo compactor is highly-efficient and durable. The ROPAX can compact multiple open containers in a centralized location. It is well-suited for wood pallets, crates, green waste, cardboard, and other industrial waste. ROPAX jumbo compactors deliver the highest compaction rate through the use of an electro-hydraulic macerator with a powerful rotary drum. This compactor increases the waste-to-air ratio dramatically, and your bins can hold up to five times as much trash as before. Furthermore, ROPAX eliminates the need for bulky pre-crushers, helping you optimize space in your facility.

The Large Waste Compactor That Saves Businesses Money

Identifying effective solutions to optimize productivity and to save money is a critical goal of businesses across the nation. At Epax Systems, Inc., we offer the solution that you are searching for through the ROPAX large waste compactor. Our industrial-grade compactor delivers numerous benefits that can dramatically improve operations at your site. The ROPAX can save you as much as 80% of your trash disposable bill.

ROPAX utilizes a 4,000-pound steel drum with large spikes to pulverize the waste into smaller chunks while compacting those pieces. Even bulky items like shipping crates and construction debris are crushed and compacted efficiently, no pre-breaking the waste required. ROPAX increases the waste-to-air ratio dramatically. This reduces the number of hauls, and it may even reduce the number of large bins needed at your site. Epax Systems can install ROPAX rollers at your main office, and we have mobile rollers available for remote sites.

Through more effective and efficient waste management, your operations can be streamlined and optimized. We are proud to be the sole provider in the United States for the innovative ROPAX compactor. To inquire about ROPAX, contact Epax Systems, Inc., today.