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Managed Waste Services

We offer managed waste services to United States and Canada

Epax Systems, inc., is a Los Angeles-based environmental technology and ecology enhancement business.

We serve multi-family, shopping centers, malls and mixed use centers, and other large generators of discarded materials in the role of environmental specialist and an outsource for program design and complete management of all discarded materials generated by the tenants or merchants. In retail, our programs enhance profits and offer equity building advantages, too.

Managed Trash Service Professionals

From design to completion, we work with the owner and their team in designing the waste and recycling collection areas.

  • We recommend the proper equipment to perform the job and its preferred locations.
  • We specify and supervise site preparation or any alterations needed.
  • We acquire, install, maintain, and repair equipment for collecting, diverting, and disposing discarded materials.
  • We ensure its safe, secure, and sanitary operation.
  • We schedule, monitor, and pay haulers and recyclers to take materials away.
  • We FAIR SHARE allocate program costs to merchants.

phpThumb cache src87a6fcc765a641b7b9293a311b5ac463 parce20145e56194647b0863f3482f35e7f dat1590181455Our participation involves on-site visits to study and deliver a packaged program tailored to the unique needs and economic considerations of each customer. This ensures maximal diversion of discarded materials and the most cost-effective, worry-free installation, startup, and on-going operations practical.

Environmental Waste Management You Can Trust

To help achieve your goals, we distribute a broad line of waste handling and recycling equipment. Our experience and manufacturing capabilities has provided us an invaluable experience that many others simply do not have. We distribute and support all of our programs and equipment through our own sales and service organization in California and nationwide through a network of affiliates.