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Affordable Waste Compactor

Rentals & Leasing Options Available Nationwide

Do you need to crush the costs of managing your company’s waste? Epax provides waste compactor rental and leasing options nationwide through our Eco Rentals Division.

Our top-of-the-line solutions include many sizes and types of compactors to meet all needs. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, a hospital, or a retail store, we make waste removal cheap and easy, so you can focus on your business.

Every business needs a good waste handling service, but unlike other services, successful waste handling isn’t visible in your daily work life.

Our rental and leasing options provide you with a low-cost solution for the compactor that is well-suited for your business’s needs. You can throw away as much as you need without the unpleasant odors or unsightly piles of trash lingering around your facility. The rental and leasing cost is completely tax deductible, does not require a large amount of capital, and includes freight and installation. That way, your daily budget won’t notice the trash compactor as well.

Why the Eco Rentals Option might be right for you

Managing waste and improving recycling efforts at your facility are easier to do with a baler for rent or lease from Epax Systems, Inc., As a nationwide provider of waste handling services, we carry the equipment that is best suited for your business.

Renting and leasing our compactors and balers offer several benefits:

  • Low-Cost Access to Top-of-the-Line Waste and Recycling Equipment
  • Reduced Disposal and Labor Costs, as well as Truck Traffic
  • No Additional Maintenance, Freight, or Installation Costs
  • No Illegal Dumping
  • Controls Odors from Trash
  • Completely Tax Deductible

If you have been holding back on investing in waste handling services because of the up-front cost, now is the time to connect with Epax Systems, Inc. Through a recycling baler or waste compactor rental or leasing, you can elevate your recycling and waste management efforts with manageable monthly payments. For more information about our rentals and leasing options, reach out to Epax Systems, Inc., today.