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Ropax Rolling Compactors

Efficient, Effective Waste Compaction for Open Top Containers...
Cut Waste Hauling Costs by as much as 80%

A Highly-Efficient Alternative to Precrushers. For Wood Recycling, Pallet Disposal, Wood Waste, Construction Debris

The main cause of expensive garbage removal is the fact that, even when a dumpster looks full, only 20% of its space is actually taken up by trash. The other 80% is air. When combined with a thoughtful waste reduction program, compacting the waste in your dumpsters increases how much trash can be held in the container, reducing the number of waste hauls from your site and the associated costs.

RopaxRolling Compactors provide users of open top containers unmatched waste compaction. These unique devices employ a massive two-ton rolling drum with metal teeth that moves back and forth crushing, shredding and compacting waste. The container is packed to the maximum density possible and waste hauling costs are significantly reduced. Ropax Rolling Compators are ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, lumber yards, hardware and home centers, construction sites, and mobile/modular home manufacturers. Eliminates the need for bulky pre-crushers, helping you optimize space in your facility. Ropax™ Jumbo waste management can save as much as 80% of your trash disposal bill.

  • Ropax Jumbo Rolling Compactor

  • Ropax Rolling Compactor in Traversing Configuration

  • Ropax Mobile Rolling Compactor

Ropax Jumbo Stationary

Designed for use in permanent fixed location to compact waste in a single open top container

The Ropax™ Jumbo Stationary Compactor is an innovative single container compactor that increases compaction in open top roll-off containers, allowing up to five times more discarded material in a single container. Due to the continuous rolling movement of its 4,000-pound spiked compaction drum, the material discarded is broken, torn and compacted up to five times the original volume. It is ideal for wood pallets, crates, cable reels, and bulky / voluminous waste. The Ropax™ Jumbo Stationary Rolling Compactor is currently installed around North America, at manufacturing and industrial plants, as well as recycling and large distribution centers.

Ropax Jumbo Traversing

Unique rail systems allows a single compaction unit to move back and forth to service up to 8 containers.

The Ropax™ Jumbo Traversing unit takes the highly efficient compacting of the stationary Ropax™Jumbo to the next level by allowing a single unit to service up to 8 containers. The Ropax™ Jumbo Traversing unit is especially suited for facilities using multiple containers for compacting bulky and voluminous waste like wooden boxes, pallets, big cardboard, bulky waste, green waste etc., which are collected separately in different open containers. Lateral movement is enabled by an electrical gearbox motor with a robust chain tension drive, allowing the boom and drum to be moved effortlessly from one container to the next.

Ropax Mobile

For facilities with multiple containers in different locations. Simply drive up and start compacting.

The Ropax™ Jumbo Mobile Rolling Compactor makes it possible to compact large quantities of bulky waste in multiple open top containers in different locations throughout a manufacturing campus. A worker simply drives the Ropax™ Jumbo Mobile up to the end of a container and begins the compaction process. Operators can view the compaction process and determine how many crushing cycles are necessary before moving to the next container. The Ropax™ Jumbo Mobile is highly maneuverable allowing it to operate in congested or confined spaces. When equipped with the optional hook-lift it can even be used to move or reposition containers.

ROPAX utilizes a 4,000-pound steel drum with large spikes to pulverize the waste into smaller chunks while compacting those pieces. Even bulky items like shipping crates and construction debris are crushed and compacted efficiently, no pre-breaking the waste required. ROPAX increases the waste-to-air ratio dramatically. This reduces the number of hauls, and it may even reduce the number of large bins needed at your site. Epax Systems can install ROPAX rollers at your main office, and we have mobile rollers available for remote sites.

Through more effective and efficient waste management, your operations can be streamlined and optimized. We are proud to be the sole provider in the United States for the innovative ROPAX compactor. To inquire about ROPAX, contact Epax Systems, Inc., today.

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