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Self-Contained Compactors

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Self-Contained Compactors

Self-contained compactors are designed to handle volumes of wet waste, as well as mixed dry waste. Available in a range of sizes from 10 to 38 yard capacity.


  • Full-door seal & three-point door latch
  • Large feed opening
  • Easy loading from ground or door level
  • Adaptable to special loading configurations

Epax Systems is proud to provide the highest quality Self-Contained Compactors in the industry. Manufactured with premium materials with your business in mind, the longevity of our compactors is unrivaled. Our single-piece floor adds years to your compactors life.

 Epax Systems Self-Contained Compactors are built to withstand your wet waste needs.

SmartTrash Option

Ask about the SmartTrash Option!

By installing the SmartTrash monitor and optimizing compactor pickups without causing “pack-outs” or unnecessary hauls, expensive transportation costs can be dramatically reduced. SmartTrash can save you a minimum of 25% on waste disposal and recycling costs.