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ROPAX - Rotary Compactor

Available Nationwide

ROPAX - Rotary Compactor

High Compaction reduces Disposal Costs

Loose trash is mainly air space. ROPAX compaction expels air as it reduces trash volumes severalfold more than conventional compaction. ROPAX waste management can save as much as 80% of your trash disposal bill because fewer and smaller containers are needed and handled for pickup, which also saves on labor costs.

Small Footprint Saves Space and Enhances Appearence

Otherwise useful space set aside for your trash area is recovered and made available for other needs. The all-electric design is built for both indoor and outdoor locations, as well as, any weather condition. With your ROPAX compactor your trash are becomes more spacious, easier to manage, and much more quiet.

ROPAX ends messy dumpster overflow, as well as, sticky trails from wet waste spillage and hydraulic fluid leakage. Less air space reduces odor-causing organisms. The more efficient and sanitary ROPAX waste management is ensured by using containers with standard lifting pockets for conventional front loading by your hauler. This creates a much easier and less expensive method than exchanging self-contained units and/or dumping large numbers of your present bins.

Space savings

The rotary compactor needs very little space, and you don’t even need to make any structural alterations. You now have more space available that would, otherwise, have been used to store uncompacted waste.